Brian Michael "Fuller"

Fuller has been writing and producing music since 1998. 

He is married and has 4 kids. He is the nephew of Grammy Award Winning Mastering Engineer, Michael Fuller, from Fullersound, Miami, USA.


TWITTER: @fullertime


Composer & Producer

Fuller has scored countless TV Cues and media projects for many major networks including MTV, E!, SpikeTV, Animal Planet, and History Channel.

Music and Worship Director - Multi-Instrumentalist

Fuller has always found and discovered his musical talents and abilities through the local church. It is through the worship music of the Church and playing for church events that truly revealed his passion and love for music as a God given gift.


Fuller is a professional Worship Leader and will always enjoy fulfilling his calling of supplying great music for the local church. You can find Fuller serving as the Global Music Director at Newhope Church in Durham, NC. Product & Leadership Development


With over 500,000 Subscribers, Worship Tutorials was founded in 2013 and exists to inspire and equip worship leader and worship musicians. We have a large number of resources available, and many are completely free. 


In our tutorial videos, we teach songs from beginning to end. Most of the songs are taught in a way that a beginner could pick it up fairly quickly, and typically we teach from guitar.


You can also find  Sound Design "Pads"produced by Fuller that have sold over 50,000 copies! - Author and Content Contributor

Fuller is an active author of content for worship ministries, leadership content and encouragement through coaching for Worship Musician Magazine. He has contributed key articles on transitioning, church staffing relationships and many other relevant topics.

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