New CD Release - "Emotional Pop!"

So happy to have my first official "Artist Release" with Labhits Music! An Emotional Pop Instrumental album. Looking forward to supplying some shows with these tracks!! This


Drama Pop, Electronic Pop - Emotional, Emotions, Powerful, Percussive, Strong, Grand, Down, Hope, Ending, End, Reflection, Final, New Beginnings, Airy, Heavenly, Light, Melancholy, Sad, Sorrow, Deep, Devotion, Heartache, Heartbreak, Intense, Minimal, Powerful, Smooth, Uncertain, Breakup, Divorce, Leaving, Loss, Beautiful, Family, Flowing, Moment, Serious, DramaPop, Calm, Drama, Dramatic, Gentle, Light Drama, Love, Mellow, Chill, Laid-back, Melodic, Relaxed, Hurt