E!'s Total Bella's lands another placement

Looks like my latest Emotional Pop project is getting some good traction this year! So glad to have the opportunity to make music that helps other's creative vision come to life! You can hear the track below: Move the Rain Blessings, Fuller

2 Giant Placements in Animal Planet's "Extinct or Alive: Madagascar Giant"

Thanks to Mibe Music and the music supervisor team at Animal planet for using over 2 minutes of my tracks "Courage of Champions" and "Choose Your Weapon" for the Madagascar Giant Episode this past summer! Cool show to watch!!! You can check out this unique and informative show here: https://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/extinct-or-alive/ Blessings! BMF

3rd Placement in Lindsay Lohan's Beachclub! Episode 4

So thankful to have my new track "View Through The Rain" on Episode 4 of this years new MTV show, "Lindsey Lohan's Beach Club!" Props to Labhits and all the music supervisors using my tracks! Check out the track Here: Move the Rain Blessings, Fuller