16-Bit Video Game Showcase - "Jumping Fences"

I had the opportunity to have a little fun these days and create a DEMO for fellow composer Steven Melin for his new sample library, Simple Samples Audio. https://www.simplesamplesaudio.com In addition to feeling like I was 13 again, I had a ton of flashbacks of playing all my favorite NES games! This demo is a tribute to all the side-scrolling 2D platform games! I imagined a funny little character running around and jumping over barrels and fences to collect points. I threw the key change in there because, why not? Be blessed, BMF


I am beyond giddy about my track "Big And Bad" being used in a Nickelodeon promo for the new Power Rangers Movie! I love children's programming and I love making music that helps capture the story and energy of the creative visionaries behind it! Thanks Nick & MIBE Music for the opportunity STAY POWERFUL! BMF

Apocalypse Earth: Features Four Devastating Tracks!

So cool to have over 4:00 minutes of my music used in the last Episode of Apocalypse Earth. Especially considering I was living in South Florida during a few of these massive hurricanes!!! Some of these tracks were originally intended for sporting events, but I guess they work for massive storms too!! Be blessed, Fuller