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"FOUND" Score - Scene M1

I started the official project for "Found" today. Trying to capture a dark and ambient vibe in which the main character is established floating around in the ocean... is he dead or alive? Not sure yet... But trying to make a track that could go either way. Either way, he is definitely NOT found yet:)

Using, DP9, Cinemorphix, Evolve Mutations Cinematic Guitars from Sample Logic, Cinema Strings and a few other palettes of strings to set the tone. Using a double Bass to create some depth and the LASS First Chair Viola for the top line. Finishing that off with some Low Booms from Stylus RMX.

I originally wrote "Raymone's Theme" for piano but the director Jesse Henning wasn't feeling it on that instruement... so I changed the theme over to some dark and low strings... and that seemed to work better! Part of the challenge with scoring film is capturing the Director's heart and feel before he actually knows what it is! but it will be very rewarding when it's done. Especially before you have footage! lol

Audio Sample coming soon..


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