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New Mystery Cue Underscores Discovery Channel's "Finding Escobar's Millions"

I just found out from Tunesat that one of my new "Mystery Tension" pieces landed in the latest episode of Discovery Channel's "Finding Escobar's Millions"! thanks to my awesome publishers working my music out there in the universe!!!

Show Write up: During his reign running the world's biggest drug cartel, Pablo Escobar amassed an estimated multimillion dollar fortune... and then he buried much of it all over Colombia. It's believed the majority of the money is still underground, and two former CIA operatives embark on a mission to find it. Doug Laux and Ben Smith, who served multiple tours throughout the Middle East, work with the original DEA agents who handled the case to infiltrate Escobar's inner circle in search of the alleged hidden cash. Using the latest technology and access to numerous inside sources, Doug and Ben scour Columbia for clues Escobar left behind.

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