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"Final Mistake" Scores Knockout Punch on FOX "PBC Fight Camp"

If you don't give up, you will succeed! The opposite of success is NOT failure, it is QUITTING.

Many artists and musicians give up on their dreams because they hit roadblocks or more likely have unrealistic expectations of how long things take to happen.

This weekend I got a track called "Final Mistake" placed in a brand new show on Fox Sports called "PBC Fight Camp". What makes this placement so cool is not the placement itself, but the fact that the track was the first track I ever submitted to this particular publisher 3 years ago.

How cool it is to see a track that many may have considered "dead" rise up with new life like a phoenix and generate real money?!?

What if I would have given up simply because that track wasn't used quicker? Or I believed the lies that I wasn't good enough? I'd have about 100 tracks less than I do now. Tracks that are surely going to have the same fate as "Final Mistake". Let the title of my cue "Final Mistake" be a reminder that your only mistake would be the one of giving up on your dream! Don't let that happen. Keep striving for more. Keep challenging yourself and pushing through. You can and will succeed if you simply don't quit!

Be blessed,



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