"God does NOT use US to complete a TASK, He uses the task to complete US"

                                                           - Fuller

Listen in on this Leadership Podcast as Fuller gets PASSIONATE about being healthy in ministry AND raising up the next generation of worshippers!

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"High Capacity Leadership" Podcast Interview

- Fuller with Jake from ChurchFront.com



Fuller Worship And Coaching Reel
Fuller Live Worship & Leadership Reel

 ------ Ministry & Work History ------

Ordained For Ministry - 2007, Flamingo Road Baptist Church
Global Worship Arts Pastor - Newhope Church, North Carolina 2010 - 2020

Worship Arts Pastor Flamingo Road Church, Florida 2005 - 2010
Women of Faith - Product Specialist and Accounting, Texas 2001 - 2005 

 ---- Achievements & Accolades ----

Author and Content Contributor for

Fuller is an active author of content for worship ministries, leadership content and encouragement through coaching for Worship Musician Magazine. He has contributed key articles on transitioning, church staffing relationships and many other relevant topics.

Check out his latest articles here:

Demystifying Pads

worship tutorials
WorshipTutorials.com Product & Leadership Development


With over 500,000 Subscribers, Worship Tutorials was founded in 2013 and exists to inspire and equip worship leader and worship musicians. We have a large number of resources available, and many are completely free. 


In our tutorial videos, we teach songs from beginning to end. Most of the songs are taught in a way that a beginner could pick it up fairly quickly, and typically we teach from guitar.


You can also find  Sound Design "Pads"produced by Fuller that have sold over 50,000 copies!

 ------ Family First ------

Despite being a high caliber, high capacity leader with an extreme passion for personal growth and discipline, NOTHING gets higher priority than family!

Meet the Fuller's...

Brian, Jackie, Noah, Ella, Sophia, Jonah and Mickey:)

Celebrating 12 Years of Marriage and 4 children!

 ------ Skills, Talents and Giftings ------

•    Over 2 decades of combined ministry and professional musical experience

•    13 Years of being a Worship Pastor at two 5,000+ Member Churches, Florida and North Carolina

•    Passionate about and experienced in championing diversity and racial reconciliation 

•    Strong ability in influencing others to follow a clear vision

•    Flexible and quick to implement new ideas

•    Professional abilities in music composition, arranging and music production

•    Professional level proficiency in Ableton, Logic, and Pro Tools

•    Accomplished Multi-Instrumentalist; guitar, keys and bass.

•    Ability to orchestrate, compose and conduct for any size ensembles including choir and orchestra

•    Ability to arrange music in diverse styles from orchestral to rock bands

•    Deep understanding of technology including sound and video equipment

•    Strong gifts in oral communication and team development

•    Good humored and easy going personality

•    Well developed people skills and strong motivator

•    Pastoral heart and calling; good listening skills

•    Practical training in coaching and mentoring

•    Mentor, Coach and Content Creator for WorshipTutorials.com - 500k+ Subscribers

•    Active Author and Article Writer for WorshipMusician.com Digital Magazine

•    Has Produced over 50+ Songs for Major TV Networks such as MTV, History, Discovery,
      Animal Planet, CBS Sports and many more

•    Created Worship Training Course called "The Worship Manual" that is being used in churches

      all over the world for raising up and training leaders   

•    Constant learner and holistically invested in further education       

 ------ Personality Profiles ------