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Mystic Dunes_Main Variation 01
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Mystic Dunes_Main Variation 02
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Celebrating 1,000 Subscribers with a Musical Gift! 

I've hit a milestone, and it's time to share the joy! As a huge thank you for your incredible support on my YouTube channel, I'm thrilled to give you this exclusive Free Music Asset Pack. "Mystic Dunes"


What's Inside: Dive into this treasure trove of carefully curated music assets, perfect for enhancing your interactive metasound projects. You will get a high quality "Assassin's Creed Style" Tension Cue with a hint of middle eastern flare including 3 alternative mix variations as well as the main STEMS to build your own arrangements inside your game. I am also including 6 different top-line melodies played by live musicians on the Oud and Santur to experiment with generative music. Combine them with the included stems to code your own interactive experience and continue to master Metasounds in the Unreal Engine.

Completely Free: To express my gratitude for reaching 1,000 subscribers, I am offering this Music Asset Pack and an educational license to use it, absolutely free of charge.

Download and use the tracks in your Unreal engine Projects to learn interactive and generative music concepts inside Metasounds.

Download Now:

Thank You for 1,000 Strong:

Your support has fueled my journey, and I am excited to continue creating content that resonates with you.

Here's to the next chapter and many more milestones together!

Note: This offer is only available for a limited time, so make sure to grab your Free Music Asset Pack now! 

Mystic Dunes_Main Variation 04
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Mystic Dunes_Main Variation 05
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