"FOUND" Score - Scene M1

I started the official project for "Found" today. Trying to capture a dark and ambient vibe in which the main character is established floating around in the ocean... is he dead or alive? Not sure yet... But trying to make a track that could go either way. Either way, he is definitely NOT found yet:) Using, DP9, Cinemorphix, Evolve Mutations Cinematic Guitars from Sample Logic, Cinema Strings and a few other palettes of strings to set the tone. Using a double Bass to create some depth and the LASS First Chair Viola for the top line. Finishing that off with some Low Booms from Stylus RMX. I originally wrote "Raymone's Theme" for piano but the director Jesse Henning wasn't feeling it on that i

"Found"... the movie!

Today I am beginning some templates for the score to a great new mini movie from Jesse Henning called "Found". I am so excited to tackle this in depth story and put the right vibe on it. I am equally intimidated and inspired! Can't wait to see how it comes together as this is my first real attempt at a legit movie! I will be documenting the whole process so tune back in for some tutorials! Let's get it!!! Fuller